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Bootbackers Booster Club

Presidents - John Stevens, Steve Hightower

VP/Fundraising - Caroline Orgeron

Secretary - Tanya Hayes

Treasurer - Melissa Hemker, Brenda Resseguie, Ashley Long

Parliamentarian - Sandy Almand

Wardrobe - Dawn Knapp, Kristi Hightower

Media - Michael Knapp

Historian - Sarah Duckworth

Hospitality - Julie Aldridge, Slocum, Jennifer Saunders, Allison Johnson


Logistics/Props - Jason Resseguie, Michael Knapp, Steve, Hightower, Patrick Chip

The purpose of the drill team booster club is to support and promote the drill team through fundraising, attendance at athletic performances and special events.

General guidelines are as follow:

  • Gain director and principal approval on all actions regarding expenditures, fundraising, performances, special events, and other decisions according to District policy/procedures.

  • Work cooperatively with the director and school to provide the opportunity to meet the drill team organization's goals.

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