Bootbackers Booster Club

The purpose of the drill team booster club is to support and promote the drill team through fundraising, attendance at athletic performances and special events.

General guidelines are as follow:

  • Gain director and principal approval on all actions regarding expenditures, fundraising, performances, special events, and other decisions according to District policy/procedures.

  • Work cooperatively with the director and school to provide the opportunity to meet the drill team organization's goals.

Presidents:  Eric and Jennifer                                  Dickison

Vice President/Fundraising: Jennifer Carrell

Director:  Monica Lyon


Asst Director:  Anna Blair


Asst Director:  Michaelle Carney


Sponsorship:  Lucy Vavrik


Treasurer:  Erin Progelhof


Secretary:  Cory Holland

Parliamentarian:  Cathy Adams


Hospitality:  Cathy McKenzie/Christy GoodMan

Media:  Melanie Steed

Philanthropy:  Detra Scheele


Sound Set Up:  

Historian:  Sandy Almand

Council Parent Rep:  Tina Sullivan