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2015-16 Highstepper Awards


All American Dance Team

Shawnee Gillham

Audrey Lawrence


All American                         All American Honorable Mention

Shawnee Gillham                                            Brittany Dickison

Audrey Lawrence                                           Juntra Chathavisay

McKenzie Bryant                                            Molly Mosby

Soriah Hassanizadeh                                       Aly Smith

Kaitlyn Peacock                                              Karina Wooten

Brooke Resseguie                                           Rio Baswell

Taylor Transou                                                Audrey Maxson

Kelsey Dvorak

Anna Deren

Sara Regian

Paige Rogers

Crowdpleasers Officer Camp (6/5-8/2015)

Outstanding Showmanship for Home Routine

Outstanding Choreography for Home Routine

Outstanding Technique for Home Routine

Most Outstanding Performance for Home Routine

Crowdpleaser Award for Home Routine

Most Discipline from Crowdpleaser Staff

Gold Elite Award for all performers

Top Scoring Officer Group of all teams

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